Friday, June 20, 2008


The death toll for this school year is two and a half. A kid got into a car accident just the other day, and I'm pretty sure he is still alive, but there is always that chance he won't make it. His name is also really familiar to me, and I'm sure I know him, but I don't want to look him up in the yearbook. Because if I do know him, and then he does die, it'll be another person I knew dying on me. I'm too young to have so many dead people as friends.

So I couldn't help myself, and I did just look him up. I know him, and I know him pretty well. I just never really knew what his last name was. He sat right next to me in Art History.


So today was the last day of school. And it's great to know I don't have to worry about homework again for a couple months. And I'm really excited, because I leave for Maine in less than two weeks. After school today I went and hung out at the waterfront, which is the usual tradition. Hardly anybody showed up, though, it was kinda weird. But I found a lot of old friends from junior high. It's interesting to see how these kids never really grew out of delinquency. We celebrated really fast that this one kid that I do not know so well is finally 18, so his juvenile record is gone. Talked about how this other kid could get emancipated if she could just hold down a job for four months. This one kid was gonna go and say something stupid to this group of six cops hanging around--I wonder if he got himself arrested. Then an old guy in a wheelchair got stuck and couldn't move, so we helped him out.

I'm not such a wild child anymore.
And really, I'm fine with that. I really enjoy being solitary in my room nowadays.

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