Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Chainstore

So of course, after talking yesterday about school so much, I've stayed home today. But at least I've been productive; I'm getting these final projects done. I've now two complete Power Point presentations under my belt, and I'm feeling good.

I just... need to study for that math and Chemistry final. Ick. Math.

I've found myself getting all these new games, downloading distractions onto my computer, and even getting into eBooks quite a lot these past two weeks. I wonder, do you think I'm storing for the summer much like how a squirrel stores for the winter? I just know I'm going to end up lounging around the house, bored out of my pants.
I mean my mind. Bored out of my mind.
But still absolutely bored. So I think I might be hoarding different sources of entertainment, and getting ready to use them during the long months ahead.

Oh, but eBooks. Just delved into them today. PMOG toured me through some delightful sites were I can get ahold of some nice eBooks. But I'm really not looking forward to staring at my computer monitor all day to read text--I can already feel the blindness setting it. So, of course, the Amazon Kindle has caught my eye. It has no backlight, which I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not. But it can hold so many books and requires so little energy--It just seems too good to be true. But I can't be so certain that I want to plop down $360 for one of those. But time is running out, in 23 days I'm leaving to spend a grand total of 24 hours on planes. It'd be so nice to have one eBook reader as opposed to the bag full of books I'd normally tote...
Heh, I just noticed that I'm starting a lot of sentences with the word 'but.' I think I'm breaking a rule somewhere.

Hm. But then, I could also get the Sony Reader for quite a bit cheaper... But then I think I have to pay for that monthly, as well...

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