Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I look like Ann of Green Gables.

(I am wearing pigtails)

I've been keeping myself busy. I showered, and nearly fainted in the shower because it was way too hot and I was in there for far too long. Then I tested out some paints. Then I painted my sketchbook. It's red and black, with sharp lines, curvy lines, and sharply curvy lines. Then I made a robot. Out of clay.

Oh man. The story of this robot. I am an absolute failure when it comes to making things out of clay. But I really wanted to paint a 3D object, so I decided I would make a robot and paint it. But I didn't have enough clay, so it's very flat and flimsy. And then some of the joints kept falling off, so I realized I needed water to bind them. I happened to be drinking a lemonade I had found in my car, so I was using that instead of water. A little here and there at first, but eventually I was dipping my brush into it and using it like no tomorrow. Splish splash, this robot's mad because he's delicious, but can't eat himself because suicide is wrong. Also, he is very flat.

I made a Mario Mushroom with the leftover clay.

Later I took two giant gulps of my lemonade. And then read the package the clay came in and found it to be toxic. Whaddya know.

I also marked a bunch of connecting cables in my room so I could tell them apart more easily, learned a new piano song that's actually a horror song, did a chore outside that involves getting covered in creepy-crawly bugs and throwing planks of wood around, and went to the store and bought milk. I also played most of a text adventure game, but it's a double-whammy escape-the-room text adventure, so I couldn't beat it. I also took some photography, and solved some Layton puzzles, but that's beside the point.

The point is that I think I'd actually make a great housewife, since I have trouble doing nothing anymore.

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