Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sodium Benzoate

I am very bad with geography. I can never remember what country important cities are in. I'm likely to mix up Cape Cod and Cape Town. I am pretty clueless about the exact location of the states on the Eastern half of the US. So to combat this, I have a world map right there on my wall, all I have to do is turn and look at it.

Unfortunately, the entire thing is in Japanese.

But at least now I have a pretty good idea of the distance between Roshia and Arasuka. And I know exactly where Irinoi is! And oddly enough, this map tells me that "Jesus Christ" in Japanese is "Iesu Kirisuto." The more you know!~

So I've been trying to come up with interesting things to do in my area that doesn't involve going to Seattle. Interesting things within my town. And despite the fact that the waterfront is RIGHT THERE not even two miles away and is attached to a large body of salt water, there are no things usually related to water activities to do here. There is a bit of a beach, yes, at low tide. Only at low tide, because we built the town right on the edge of the water. But the largest public beach to walk on close to here is off limits due to the fact it has become polluted and toxic. Swimming is a no no, not only because you might mutate, but because the water is usually below freezing. You could go boating, but the water is often choppy and unpleasant.

So that leaves only stuff to do on the mainland. I suppose one could go bowling, or to see a movie. There's a shopping mall that's even closer than the waterfront. One could do some stuff that's just plain weird, like stop at a stoplight while you are driving on the highway. Or pick up eggs at the neighborhood farm and then go next door and buy gas at the neighborhood gas station. And then go next door again and check out the local naval base, provided you have proper ID. One could... go antiquing. Or get a haircut. We have a drive-in movie theater?

Man, the only thing to do around here is go to Seattle.

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