Friday, July 18, 2008


I have been watching too many movies. I saw Get Smart just last night. I was excited for the movie. I watched a Get Smart marathon on TVLand once, and decided I loved the show after my mother told me Don Adams (Maxwell Smart) was the voice of Inspector Gadget. I freaking love Inspector Gadget. I did enjoy Get Smart, and I do recommend it. I will be buying the DVD as soon as I catch wind it is on sale.

Then just today I watched Dark Knight. I am a fan of the Joker, so this one had my attention. The movie itself was pretty good and a lot of fun, but like a lot of hyped movies coming out this year, the ending dragged. The portrayal of the Joker was great, he was psychotic in all the right ways. He wasn't the Joker I know and love, but a fine replacement nonetheless.

Also, I was a bit psyched at the silent nod to the Scarecrow. I can never decide who I like more; the Scarecrow or the Penguin.

Ooh! Sudden flashback to Halloween!
I had gone to check out the haunted house attraction a dear friend of mine was volunteering at. To be quite frank, scary things don't scare me. They amuse me. So I was following along with the group, laughing the whole time. You know, waving at someone before they jump out at you, screaming really loud when nothing has happened. Doing the robot in the strobe light room. It was all good fun for me, especially since there were a few people there that were freaked out of their minds. There was this one kid, though, who was having just as much fun as me. He was all dressed up like the Scarecrow, and was long and skinny so he fit the costume perfectly. He struck this one pose just right, and I couldn't help but giggle. 'Cuz c'mon, it's the Scarecrow. We both kind of went "Hooray! Someone else who is not frightened!" and teamed up. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.

Oh, something actually scared me, though, at that haunted house. This guy shoved a chainsaw in my face and I screamed really loud. I was in real danger, though--If he hadn't pulled that danger machine away just when he did, I might have lost both my hands.
Little Known Fact: When someone runs up and surprises Leamgirl, she has the direct opposite reaction of most girls. She doesn't squirm away, she turns and fights.
So I was reaching up to... I guess attack the guy with my wrists. After I had screamed. Then I busted out laughing, 'cuz it was hilarious.

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