Monday, August 11, 2008


Lately, I've been feeling under appreciated by my parents.

Though, I suppose we have been on tense terms for the past ten years.

On Wednesday, I leave for yet another vacation. I'd be excited about this one, except I'm not all too fond of the destination. But you see, we're going to be riding a train. On a railroad. I've never been on a train before (Outside of bullet trains and subways), and I'm excited for the experience. But we're going to Glacier National Park, which I found out through personal experience isn't all that great. And we're really only going so that we can visit our grandparents, who have a job there now.

While I love my grandparents, there's really nothing for me to do with them. I usually end up sitting politely for eight hours while they talk about wine with my parents. If I'm lucky we'll watch some television, or play a board game. But I won't be lucky this time, since my grandparents are living in a log cabin in the woods, or something. Sigh. Just thinking about it bores me.

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