Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Problem: Kelly's hair is long enough to clog a shower drain after 2-3 showers of normal intensity*.

Solution: The bath plug is taken out, and a mesh tea strainer is placed there instead.

Outcome: Spiders that get caught in the spray also get caught in the strainer. Kelly refuses to clean it, and continues to have flooded showers (but without the strainer, for fear of spiders floating out of it).


Problem: Tiny hairs always get caught up in the shaving razor.

Solution: An old toothbrush is used to remove hairs after every use.

Outcome: Kelly goes traveling, and packs her two toothbrushes together. Later: Oh fuck, which toothbrush is which?


If you say 'puzzle' instead of 'problem,' you will always find the solution.
"Every puzzle has an answer!"

- Prof. Layton

*Shower intensity is determined by amount of time spent conditioning hair.
Low Intensity = No conditioner used
Med. Intensity = Normal amount of time spent
High Intensity = Extra tangled hair; Large amount of time spent

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