Monday, April 20, 2009


So because I have the will of a woman, I bought Gardening Mama. The only thing I regret about the purchase is the price. It was about $17 more than I thought it would be. But otherwise, great game. I think it's loads better than Cooking Mama. With Cooking Mama, all the dishes eventually started to feel the same to prepare. Measure, cut, cook. Measure, cut, cook. I suck at measuring, I rock at cutting, and I am okay at cooking. But there is a much wider variety of things to do in Gardening Mama. And the more you progress, you'll find that you are sometimes still using the same skills as from the first flower, but the skills have become more difficult. They add a twist.

Also, there is a reward system. So there is more incentive to keep playing.

I managed to break our microwave oven. Again. Last time I did it by burning EasyMac into the most disgusting pile of ashes you've ever smelled. This time, I was loading EasyMac (shut up, I know) into the microwave, when it suddenly shut off. It only microwaved my food for half a second or so before it cut its own power. I did everything I could think to do to fix it (plug, unplug, switch outlet, press buttons, bang on it), and eventually just left it alone. I drew a dead face on a sticky note and put that on the microwave, so that dad could see that it had died when he got home.

Dad seems to really like it when I draw faces on notes. I once put a smiley face on a note card when we got a bunch of packages (they were blocking up the hall, it was exciting), and he stuck it on the fridge. He also put the dead face on the fridge. I really don't understand this.

We discussed Palindromes in Biotech today. I felt like a superstar. That is the second time being a bit of an English nerd has made me amazing in my science class.

Despite not going to sleep until 1:30 last night, I decided that it would be a great idea to get up at five this morning. Or, more accurately, 4:44am. Now, I am quite tired. So to sleep I go.

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