Friday, February 20, 2009


The WiiFit s alright. I like it better than PE, at least.

So I nearly had a asthma attack in PE. We were doing a circuit, and it was pretty intense for little ol' Kelly who avoids exercise like the plague. I thought maybe I was just breathing extra heavy today, and my chest hurting isn't so uncommon during aerobics, so I tried to just push through it. But when I noticed I was wheezing both when breathing in as well as out, I went over to the teacher and she had me stand outside and try to breath. Also, I found myself in a severe panic, and instead of telling the problem, I pointed at my chest and gasped, since I found I could not speak.

(These are symptoms of an attack.)

This is all very frightening to me, since I don't have any inhalers or even a doctor that remembers my name. I had asthma as a really little kid (like three or four years old), but we were all positive I outgrew it. I had never had an asthma attack until I came out of an eight-hour operation, and we decided that it was because I was in severe pain at the time and had been breathing in anesthesia for hours. Thusly, not a problem to be worried about.

But anyways, I am ungodly tired after a freak-out like that. Gasping for air on a sidewalk really takes a lot out of you.

(RaeLynn's birthday pie was delicious, by the way.)

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