Thursday, February 19, 2009

Floatation Diorama

Whenever dad goes out of town, mum and I seem to go shopping and always end up spending upwards of $100. Today, we bought a buncha things for the cats, and then happened across a WiiFit. Dad's been wanting to get a WiiFit for mum for a long time now, so we decided to grab it for him. For her.

Today was a big day for my mum technologically. She used the Wii without having me as P1 to control everything, and I taught her how to text. She sent a text to my brother, and maybe I'll start texting her whenever I stay late after school. Now, I just need to figure out if it's possible to text my dad, too.

I bought two pies to celebrate RaeLynn's birthday today. I brought them to class, and had planned a party with the teacher for her. We had a sub today, though, but I figured, eh, we can still eat pie. But then we were scheduled for the computer lab, where there is no food or drink allowed. So I brought the pie back home, and will try again tomorrow.

I think I forgot to mention that I did not get a part in the play. Jessie did, though, and that means I might stab somebody. (I'm gonna start counting how often she mentions the play or rehearsals.) Louis got a part as well, and he got the part I wanted. But at least he's not a brat, and would rather brag about his shows with his band. Talking to Clough about the play, it seems I came really close to being casted to the character I wanted. Like, really close. If he casted me, though, it means two of the other male actors would be bumped up a notch, and Sean would be knocked off. And that makes me sad, because I think I'm a stronger actor than Sean. And also, I don't think Louis can portray the feelings of love, since he has no emotion and is really only good at looking angry or blank. Louis would have benefitted playing the angry character, and the play would have benefitted from some better acting. But we'll see how they do in their parts. Sean might have just done poorly that night I saw him last year.

(They'll prolly be fine with practice.)

I bought new fish food for Othello. I hope he does not float anymore.

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