Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I didn't get that assignment done last night. I feel asleep right at midnight, still surrounded by papers. But I did turn it in on time! (Mostly.) I just talked my way around it, completed it, and then turned it in.

The important thing is that I did it/learned something.

I have been having so many problems in PE. Today, I found myself getting dizzy to that point where colors become... Hyper, I guess. They become hyper-colored colors. Yeah. And we were just lifting weights. But I became short of breath and quite dizzy, so I sat down and waited for it to pass. Jessie wonders if I might have locked my knees, which is a possibility since we did a lot of leg work, and I suddenly found myself unable to support myself without rigid legs.

Anywho, since Louis got a part in the play, I have had nobody to give rides to after school. While it's nice to get to go straight home, it is a little bit lonely. But now Sean wants rides home sporadically, and Sean doesn't shower. So now, I have a suddenly very busy schedule that has me running to my car as soon as the bell rings. Y'know, so that I don't have to say "No, because you stink," when he asks for a ride home.

Fake reasons why I need to run home:
- I have homework
- I have the culminating project
- I have an interview
- Orthodontist appointment
- I forgot to feed my fish and he might die
- I wanted to play the ukelele a bit
- I just keep repeating 'no' and he keeps repeating 'why'

Man, this entire blog post I have been stalling. There is something specific I wanted to write, but I've forgotten what it is. All I remember is I was gonna start off with the words "I have never told anyone this before, but..." and now, even I'm disappointed that there's no ending to it. What was I gonna say? It sounded like it was gonna be really juicy. Or at least lead to something interesting. Pah... I'll just sleep on it.

Speaking of sleep, I keep having these dreams where I'm sleeping.
What does that say about me?

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