Monday, February 23, 2009

Biological Sciences

Boy did I have a weekend.

I managed to catch a cold on Friday, but I went to celebrate Craig's birthday Saturday anyways. Ten of us (with only three of us being under 21, and five being over 40) went to Teatro Zinzanni's for dinner. It's a really neat place, you should look it up some time. It's a five-course dinner with a show, where the show is made up of circus acts. It was simply an amazing place to be (and with that price, it had better be). And it seems that it's a requirement to be gorgeous if you want to wait there. I noticed all the girls at the table were downing their glasses of water in an attempt to bring our lovely water boy over to the table.

Did I mention, that despite my age, I was the only one not drinking that evening? I decided that cold medicine and alcohol doesn't mix. It was kind of lonely to be sober. (I was still amazed by the performance, anyhow.) Also, Craig's dad decided to pull all the stops for his only son's 20th, and rented a stretch hummer for the evening. It was really cool for the first twenty minutes, and then I just had to pee really bad.

Sunday I lazed about, in that way one does when they are sick but their bed sheets are being washed. I played games on my laptop. I avoided my homework.

I stayed home sick today, mostly because I was sickly, and partly because I had a surprise doctor's appointment. The doctor gave me an inhaler, in case I had another attack. I then lazed about some more, and avoided my homework some more until this very last moment.

I dawdled an hour trying to comprehend this writing assignment I have for Biotech, and then wasted another hour actually doing work on another assignment in Biotech. (Half of that second hour was spent being stuck on question four. I still don't have the answer.) I hope to finish the writing assignment before midnight hits, because I am deathly afraid of missing work in that class and I do wish to sleep and get better.

I'm gonna go BS some stuff now.

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