Thursday, February 5, 2009


Why did I eat so much icecream whhhhyyy?

So I trekked out by myself to help take down the set of Antigone. I found chargers for some drills, and plugged them in because they are always dead. Then I cleaned up some screws, and left, because there was nothing for me to do. For some reason, Louis was there again tonight to see the play. I guess he really likes Greek Tragedies. Or maybe it's because he was stuck at school without a ride, and he had to wait for his brother to show up for the show.

One can only guess.

I am cold and I am tired and people keep IMing me right as I go to shut down my computer. I hope tomorrow goes a little better. (Though I doubt it will, because I looked ultra cute today with my hair all up in a ponytail. That'll be difficult to top.)

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