Friday, February 6, 2009


Bah! Bah, I say! Bah humbug, and all that jazz!

Today was a not so great day. Even though I got all dolled up and managed to make myself twice as cute yesterday, that energy boost wore off as soon as the rain messed up my hair. And then I got a bunch of papers back all marked up. And PE was kind of excruciating (and it made my hair all weird). Lunch was simply amazing, but English was dead boring. And when I got home, dad decided he would add some stress to my culminating project. So I decided to just give him the silent treatment, as I didn't really need that today.

... He figured it out pretty fast. Like, the very moment I decided to just shut up, he asked me if I was giving him the silent treatment. And I think that really got to him, because when it came time to talk, he didn't approach me with command in his voice, but was instead apologetic and forgiving. A welcome change.

I then took a bubble bath to relieve the aches and pain from PE, and watched the first part of American Psycho. Now, I think I might sleep.

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