Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Augh, Gym class. Today we worked our core muscles in a very painful fashion, doing exercises that I know can't be good for you. The first thing we did gave me a stitch in my side right away. When we decided to do it again later, I got a stitch in my other side. I have decided that movement is what the Devil does when he exercises. Only the Devil would do something that automatically gives you a stitch in your side.

It felt like knives under my ribs.

(I'm just angry because the only muscles we worked were our stomach muscles. Incomplete workout + overstressed abs = EXTREME PAIN.)

It snowed so hard today, oh my gosh. We got like, an inch in less than an hour after it finally started to stick. But unfortunately, they did not let us go home early. Instead, they canceled all after school activities, including the auditions. So I had to drive in some pretty nasty weather, because we can never just have snow. We have to have rain and snow and ice all at once. Auditions have been moved to tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I went to the orthodontist. I pointed out that they have made my teeth crooked and off-center. She went "We can fix that! :D" and put rubber bands in my mouth. I now have a band going from the top-left hook to the bottom right hook. I also can no longer say 'the' 'that' 'there' 'look' 'wish' 'fish' 'chess piece' 'elephant' or anything else with any similarity. I can't close my mouth without intervening with my fingers, and if I do open my mouth my tongue is in sharp pain until I can close it again. Not to mention, there is more tension in my mouth than there is in a piano, and I am in some serious pain.

Also, I have been so horny lately. It's really distracting.

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