Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top Hattery

Oh man, today was a pretty good day. It was definitely magical.

Hah! I've busted out laughing. I totally just made a pun based on how today went. (I finally got an interview with a magician.) Also, how can your day go wrong when you've watched so many magic acts?

I had such a disturbing dream last night. It wasn't frightening, but I had a hard time looking some people in the eye today. I dreamt that a dear friend of mine had stolen this new sweater I bought. It was a big conspiracy, you see, a lot of people were involved in taking my sweater. And then they defaced it, ripping it apart and making it into a new sweater that was nowhere near as nice as the original. That friend of mine was wearing the sweater, and I freaked right out and ripped it off them. Emotions ran high. And then I ran off to join a salon. There, I invented a blowdryer that looks like a scifi lazer gun and dries your hair so that it's curly by pulsing jets of heat.

Then today I couldn't find my sweater.

I just found it, about half an hour ago, in the bottom of a pile of my parent's laundry. I've been holding it like a security blanket ever since.

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