Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So today I found myself in a very musical mood, and I played on the piano. This soon became risky, because at any moment my mother could come home and hear my playing. It's not that I'm not supposed to play, I just really hate playing for other people. So I settled to play my ukulele. I bought that instrument pretty much because it can be played so quietly. So after an interrupted ukulele session, I find myself wanting to strum instead of sleep.

What a dilemma.

I made it on call-backs for the play. There is a 50% chance that I will actually get a part, and I am really hoping for it. If I don't get a part, oh well. If I do get a part, woo hoo! But if I don't get a part and Jessie does, I may just stab somebody, because I hate being excluded from her conversations all the time. I'm a bit annoyed at how frequently she cracks and inside joke (with only Kelly around) and then goes "Oh! I guess you weren't there for that." And maybe she'll be humbled a bit if she doesn't get what she wants this time around.

We find out who has been casted tomorrow.
(Unless Clough wimps out on us.)

Oh man, I am so oddly tired right now. I think I'll go strum on my ukulele until I fall asleep.

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