Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Lately I've been all "I'm tiredddd" like a whiny bum, but when it comes to sleep, even though I'm still complaining about how tired I am, I still just want to stay up late.

Today, that chick I sit next to during lunch (I think her name is spelled something like Huwang) mentioned something called Hetalia. After oggling the images that popped up on Google and scribbling the name down on my arm, I've found a new manga to obsess over. So It's called Allied (or Axis?) Powers Hetalia. The only place I've found anything resembling scanlations so far is here. And it's a bit tricky to read it, since there's no semblance to scanlating things in order. Also, with most of the main characters being male, this is definately one for the girls.

But hey, it's a manga about the personification of countries during WWII. It's still awesome.

I crocheted a hat for my grandmother while watching Eagle Eye. Then I watched the first half of There Will Be Blood, and enjoyed it.

In a paper I got back from my Biotechnology class, my teacher wrote a note in the margins about aliens. I feel accomplished to provoke such a response, even though when he was standing in front of the class talking about what we generally did wrong on the assignment, he was pretty much talking about my paper. Either way, I'm done trying to be clever in that class ('cuz it only makes me look foolish) and will now attempt to be serious.

That is all.

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