Sunday, January 31, 2010


It seems I just don't have to time to make Ubiquity posts every day anymore. It's a shame, and it kinda makes me sad. I'm still going to try, though, because I love Ubiquity. It's my little pet, almost.

I moved into a new dorm room, so now I am rooming with a friend of mine. It's been really nice to live with someone I can actually talk to. And now I almost never have to worry about who I am gong to eat dinner with, since there is a person sitting right next to me who has the same eating schedule as me. Yep, a lot of pressure has been removed, all becuse I'm living with a friend.

I especially like the dedicated study sessions that happen pretty much every day with my roommate's friend group. I don't actually like the studying part, but I do like how my grades are positively affected. I am finally getting a good college experience.

I bought a new alarm clock and I am really excited for it. It's one of those old-fashioned ones, with the bells on top. In fact, here it is! It's from Hot Topic, but I really love the Chesire cat, and I think this clock is gorgeous. I'm especially fond of the second hand; it's a blue key. I don;t think I'll use it as my morning, alarm, though, because I'd probably forget to set it every night before I went to sleep. And I'd probably break it trying to turn it off every night.

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