Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bo Kemian

I had to give a short argument in front of the class today. Afterward, everyone pretty much looked like this:


One student said, quietly under his breath, "Intense," and the professor said "Well, I think we're looking at a future public defender."

I really hate presenting stuff like that, but that was a pretty awesome reaction. Maybe I should give more arguments about why Socrates should have died. Or at least continue to talk loudly in small rooms. I think it was the loud talking that did it, actually, and not the intensity of my argument. I was speaking pretty loud.

I know it's weird, but I really want to get Muscle March on the Wii. And then the next time I have a bunch of people over in my room, I want them all to play it. And hopefully, general laughs will be had. But unfortunately, I do not want to spend the money on it. Even though it's actually only 500 Wii points. And I probably already have that amount sitting on my Wii account anyways.

Hey, wait, I should just go buy it right now. I mean, why not? It'll be more interesting than typing up more useless nothings while I procrastinate on studying.

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