Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Face

Two posts in one day! Boy, am I talkative today.

So that was the most haphazard photo shoot I've ever done for myself. My glasses were smudged, my tie was crooked, and my hair was going every which way. I hadn't even bothered to iron my tie, despite it being prone to wrinkles and in a pile for the past year or so.

Though! I had completely forgotten how adorable I am in that dress. Or, rather, how adorable that dress is on me. It was also a nice chance to retake those photos that combine that dress as well as my black overcoat (Or is it a pea coat? It is very much inbetween). All the others I had taken very very blurry, and I've always been a little sad by that.

Now! Drumroll! The one picture out of 35 that I have chosen to be my new face on the internet!

I look like Mikami, wtf. How did I not notice that?

As you might see, the image is fairly similar to the old one. But, there's more hair, the addition of glasses, and a slightly different pose.

... Eh, I'm bored of this now. I'm gonna go read comic books.

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