Monday, December 15, 2008


Cingulomania (n) -
A desire to hold someone in your arms.

(Felt like sharing.)

Ugh ugh ugh. That hat I am crocheting is turning out all wrong. I have no desire to restart again. I think I might just buy a hat and dye it black. Fun fact: Kelly always reads 'crocheting' as Crotch-Etting. Even though I know better.

One more week until winter break. I am excited. Since I do dislike school.

Sunday I helped to tear down the set from the school play. I was having fun and enjoying myself until Jessie took my power drill away for her own selfish needs. Then I was stuck peeling tape off the floor, as opposed to dismantling things with gusto.
... Her selfishness and blindness towards others really gets to me sometimes.

There is snow on the ground but it is not as normal. Usually, the snow falls in thick wet clumps, gathers on the roads as slush and ice, and gathers on the cars as a very not dense ice. But this time, the snow fell as powder, gathered on the roads hardly at all, and gathered on the cars as powder. It is so strange... When the wind blows it looks like it is snowing sideways, because of all the powder being blown around. It is strange, surreal, and very very cold.


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imrn said...

that was awesome ... i really enjoyed reading it ...!