Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bottle Toppers

Yay! The play went off without any major disasters tonight. I flubbed once, and every so often an actor said something odd, but it was nothing we couldn't just overlook. It was great! We got a standing ovation.

BUT. Only one person I told to come tonight showed up. And that was because I drove him there. I don't mind so much, since there are still three showings left, just so long as they see it sometime. Heh, I'm starting to feel like a friend of mine that was a senior when I was a sophomore. He'd tell everyone to come to the plays and things, and they would. So now, here I am, a senior sitting in a class full of sophomores, telling everyone to come. Now, if only they would. I guess I'm just not charismatic enough.

Man, am I tired!

I plan to Christmas shop real fast tomorrow. I need to buy a ton of cards, a videogame, and small trinkets and boxes to put everything in. I'd immediately think that I could just go to the mall, but the mall does not sell boxes! So, to Target I go. And maybe I'll buy some bandaids while I'm there.

Okay. To bed now.

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