Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Professor Tweedle

I need to go to the Post Office! To mail boxes. I also need to go to the Optometrist's. It's been a couple weeks and they've yet to call about my glasses. So I'm going to walk up there and be all like "You promised! Also, I kinda need these lenses."

Crocheting is going... Okay! I've learned that it is not something you need to pull tight, like knitting. It took three tries to get the hat going right. The first time, it turned out like a triangle. The second time, it was bunching and ruffling along the edges. This time! I now have a black yamaka. That will hopefully evolve into a fuller sized hat.

I! Hate! Using! Exclamation! Points! I've seriously just been using them as a way of being sort of ironic. I really think they are evil and a sign of poor writing. But now, I find them as a way to excuse myself for writing fragmented sentences as well as stressing things. But no more! After that. I am back to boring punctuation.

I am now off to shower and then have troubled sleep. Tonight feels like a night for nightmares!
(Okay, no more exclamatory remarks.)

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