Saturday, January 3, 2009


Jeeze, the stuff I do for my goldfish when I'm planning to just flush him in August. And he's not even gold. I went out today and bought him some frozen bloodworms.

Now, I know what bloodworms look like, don't get me wrong. I know they they are long, red, and bitey. I think they might even be poisonous, but that's beside the point. Those things are longer than my face. And that's what I was expecting--Either chopped up worm bits, or a couple bloodworms all tied together and frozen. And I've been fully prepared to see those horrors since I dissected worms in seventh grade.

What I did not know was that they'll sell you bloodworm larvae. (Actually, it said somthing about mosquitos on the package. I really have no idea what I bought anymore.) And I bought this little package, with bloodworms printed on it, that was shaped like a cross between a blister pack and an ice cube tray. So that I could just easily pop a cube of what I figured was ground-up and forzen worms into my fishie's tank. Which I did. Just pop into his tank.

And it was really cool to watch Othello rip into that blood-red cube. He was a beast, tearing into that thing with a vigor I've only ever seen him put into having seizures. It was like he had new meaning to his life, and it was eating red gunk. Until I realized that it wasn't a cube of gunk he was eating, but a cube of tiny, stringy little red worms.

Do you know what a rat king is? They're a myth, like unicorns, but theoretically possible. It's when a bunch of rats (or mice) are born and live in a very confined space. Their tails get all tangled and eventually begin to grow into one another. They become like one living thing.

What I was watching my fish eat was a rat king, there was no doubt in my mind. It was horrible. And disgusting. It was a knot of horrific little worms squirming around, and my fish was eating them in a stimulating fashion. He was getting off on the most disgusting thing I've seen this year.

But it was really hilarious when the worms sunk to the bottom of the tank, and Othello was too buoyant today to be able to reach them. He'd struggle so hard, and maybe hit his nose against the rocks, but he never got a good mouthful of those worms once they were on the bottom.

Sucking those worms out with one of those tank vaccuums was not so hilarious.

In fact, it was kinda traumatizing.

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