Monday, January 26, 2009


Boy, is it nice to be sitting back at my PC! Even though my chair is in a peculiar position, and I am sharing it with a large block of stone, everything feels comfortable again. Mouse speed set at the perfect rate, keyboard pressing no longer difficult, and I now have a scroll wheel.

(I would be scrolling right now, but my screen size is so reasonable I don't have to.)

I am quietly celebrating the fact that I have moved a large chunk of work for school out of my way. I am still not able to relax yet, but I will probably pass this class now. Meaning there is still hope for graduation. Ahh... Life is good. I just need to give my well-thought out presentation, withstand the berating I will receive afterward for the work I didn't do that is unrelated, and then let the new semester roll in.

All of my classes will be new next semester except for Japanese. It is thrilling. I am half hoping that TKWWTSTE will be in one of my classes so that I might meet him, get to know him, befriend him, and then STAB HIM IN THE BACK.

Gosh, I am really hostile towards him. I don't even know him.

But! I do have a pretty-okay-but-not-great reason for disliking him now, that goes beyond the fact that he wears the same thing everyday. While Louis and I were leaving the classroom (in a fashion similar to the linked story), Louis nearly bumped into TKWWTSTE on his way through the door. TKWWTSTE rolled his eyes, made a face, and motioned his hands in a demeaning manor. Before stepping aside. So he's gone and insulted my friend.

It is like he is Kahn, and I am Kirk.
(Except I did not cause him to accidentally kill his wife.)

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