Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I feel so dirty for not shutting my computer down last night. Something about that doesn't sit right with me. Especially since it was on the power cord all day and all night long. How much energy could it have sucked up? Too much energy, I say.

... Shut up, I know I've left it on overnight before. But that's different. I swear to God, I was using it even though I was asleep.

So I crocheted a hat today!
And I've just now pulled it apart.

I get all the satisfaction of having crocheted something, without having something useless lying about. Also, we decided we did not want to make a dinosaur hat, and have instead decided on Link's hat. (What do I mean by we?) And we feel this green is better suited to heroes, and not to chickeny-tasting animals. We are excited for the outcome.

I watched Burn Before Reading. I wish I hadn't. So many people told me it was a really good movie. So many people hyped it up for me. But it was Napoleon Dynamite all over again--It was a horrible movie. I have decided that nobody quite understands my movie tastes, and I have stopped taking all movie suggestions.

That includes you too, Netflix.

So to salvage the night, I watched the Coneheads. Great movie. Classic movie. Correctly-paced-and-with-no-filler-time movie.

Contented sigh.

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