Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So remember that hat I was crocheting so many months (weeks, actually) ago?

I found it in a corner of my room, still attached to it's lovely soft ball of yarn. I picked it up and pulled it apart. Just ripped it back down into one piece of yarn. Then wound all the slack back up into a ball. So many hours of work gone, just like that, all tied up into a neat little package. It's almost sad.

And then I picked my crochet needle up again and made a hat. This time, though, it is hat shaped, and it fits the top of my head, and I can wear it as I please. The actual hat part of it is not quite done yet, though, as every time I put it on it seems to not be long enough. And then I put another thirty minutes of work into it, and it is still just way too short. I expect I will be crocheting in my sleep, and wake up tomorrow with a hat long enough to be a scarf. That'll teach me.

Also, it took me like, four hours. Wtf is that, that is kind of a long time. But then, I also ate dinner, a pudding, and a bowl of cereal in that time, so whatever...

Oh man, I am so tired. I keep having these dreams about rape, spiders, and disease outbreaks. So I sleep fitfully and wake up the next morning not quite rested. The dream I had the other night had me pretty shaken up yesterday morning, so I stayed home from school to try to rest and forget about it. Only to have another disturbing dream, followed by one that was really just awkward. I am thinking: Maybe something is bothering me?

So I feel bad because while I was gone from school yesterday, my friends made plans to hang out with me on Saturday. They had it all figured out: movies, dinner at Kelly's, sleep in the media room. Really, they had planned for me to treat them to a nice evening, which in all honesty I would love to do. But this Saturday is my 1-year anniversary with Griff. So I had to say no.

... And now I wonder when we'll all have the chance again to hang out. Our last weekend together was planned months in advance. And even then, everyone had something popping up at the last minute to steal them away. And here I always thought highschool was when it was supposed to be easy to make get togethers with your friends.

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