Friday, January 23, 2009

Mental Floss

Man, I am so good at procrastinating. But I'm even better at blowing things off. I don't get a lot done, actually...

Anyhow, I am applying to one scholarship a week now, according to my dad. Or else there will be dire consequences. I've applied to one, and the due date for the next one is coming up. Last week's was just a form I needed to fill no, requiring no real thought or creativity. A good last-minute application. But this week, there is a great scholarship with a due date coming up real fast that requires a quirky essay. The essay is supposed to be about how awesome I am, and why my amazing self deserves their money.

Five people will be awarded $10,000 in tuition money. (Fuck yeah.)

Second place either nabs me a dinner or $250, and third gets me a T-Shirt and magazine subscription. I plan to dazzle them with my writing, and possibly cause somebody to fall in love with the person behind the words, and get myself that T-Shirt. Or the tuition money, whichever they think best.

And here I am, trying to warm up with a little bit of writing, and waiting for my sugary caffeinated beverage to kick in. I'm turning to drugs to help me put the quirk into my writing, since I am so very tired today.

Though, I can't decide what wonderful parts of me I should highlight. Should I tell a life story? Should I talk about my academic career? My curiosity, my quirky hobbies, my many talents? But I do know this: Mention that I'm paying out-of-state tuition. I need that money. Need.

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