Thursday, January 8, 2009


For some reason I have been dreading making this particular post. No real reason behind it, I've just been stressing out about it. For reals, I have no qualms over this post. I just feel it in my heart that there is something bad, though my head knows otherwise. That is all.

... This post will eat me alive from the inside out.
(That is what I fear.)

I have been spending my money and I really should stop. But tomorrow I have some more money I want to spend, and there are some things I have told myself I could really do with. But if I keep spending like this, I will have no money for later, and that always makes me feel trapped. But if I don't spend what I have, then I will be doing nothing to help the economic crisis this nation is encountering.

I am having a moral dilemma!

Also, I have decided that crises (plural) a nation can have are actually encounters. Like foes in a video game. They are encountered, and they are something that must be overcome through a combination of strategy and brute force. Sometimes they sneak up from behind, and then you have to endure a bit of damage. And sometimes your fighter attacked but missed, and it will be an entire round before he gets to deliver that final blow. And sometimes the healer is dead. During a boss fight.

Which, boys and girls, is how Rome came to fall.
(Keep your healer alive.)

Louis gave me his band's CD and I am happy to play it. They are actually really good. Not the best, but for their style of music they do quite well. It is no wonder people are willing to pay them to play. Also, I enjoy the names of their songs.
Between Perdition and Paradise
Penance of Exsanguination
Eclipse of the Eternal Night
Just perfect for a band called Irony! I also do think that they are making up words. But I should not be one to judge. Making words is how a language forms and evolves.


I just spent some time in a dictionary, and they are not making things up. (Well, gee.)

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