Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I am going to the school dance on Saturday, and I am only moderately excited. The theme is masquerade, which is the only reason I wanted to go, since I already have an extremely appropriate outfit. And I will be dragging Amber along with me, because I do not wish to intrude on Rae's date, and I wouldn't be able to take both Jessie and her boyfriend at the same time.

I just finished watching Mamma Mia. Boy, what a feel-good movie! The world needs more absurdist shows. I am getting a bit sick of all of these nitty-gritty reality drama things that seem to be popular nowadays. I want things that are fanciful and outlandish. Shows to escape into, if you will.

I am happy today because an old friend of mine popped into school and said hello. I wish I had remembered to ask for his contact information... Last I knew, he was working in this little business I'd really love to throw money at and receive their products. Ah well. Really, it was just nice to see him again.

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