Thursday, January 29, 2009


My laptop is running out of juice, I must hurry up and type!

There is no school tomorrow, as today was the last day of the semester and the teachers need some time to catch up and plan. I plan to spend my day lying about, and then doing my nails. Dad comes home tomorrow from a business trip, and mum is talking about taking the day off to do something together. Kelly is pushing going to the aquarium.

My 'Go To The Zoo' idea was already shot down.

I keep thinking that I have some exciting news to share, but that would be a lie. I also keep thinking I need to go out and buy something at the store, but that is also a lie. So I am thinking: I need a vacation. It'll get me out away from home. Going somewhere would be exciting news. And then there would be things at new stores I could buy. But I have no time for vacation.


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