Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Okay, I just need to put the crochet hook down. I have been doing too much of that lately.

Yes, dooowwnnn...

OH GOD NO I just made a teacozy.


So Obama is king, now. Or, at least President of the US, but that's more or less the same thing. He is now the leader we take the aliens to. And I'm happy for it. Not just because I'm hopeful for the future now, but because I know that for the next week or two in class we'll be studying the Civil Rights movement. And I know the Civil Rights movement.

So I made a doll for one of my class projects this weekend, and turned it in today. The class seemed to enjoy it. One kid told me about ten times that it was 'hot shit.' He even whispered it to me as I walked by to turn it in. And I'm a little disappointed--I was hoping it'd be recognizable as MLK in doll form. Not as burning poo. But despite the confusion, the girl who sits next to me asked if I could make her a doll.

In my crafting-induced high, I eagerly agreed to make something for her. So she asked, could I make somebody from TV? Why, of course, I said. Could I make Hannah Montana? Well... Sure, I said. And then I waited for a beat or two, hoping she'd ask if I could make somebody else. Then we talked about McDonald's and such for a bit, while I cried on the inside. Now I am tasked with Hannah Montana.

Maybe if I make a Montana (the state) plushie, she won't talk to me anymore. And I can get my work done. And I'll have a nice Montana plush to give to a family member.


...! I just remembered something interesting.

Watchmen comes out March 28th in Japan.

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