Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stop Matriciding!

It goes like this:

On one hand, I would very much like to have an exciting death. Go out with a bang, y'know? Not just something drastic, like a murder, but something that would make a good crime drama. Maybe something like... I get killed by a runaway Ferris wheel, and the clown did it. It took four guys and a hooker to pull off, and one other person got stabbed in the back because of it.

Exciting. Unusual.

But on the other hand, I'd be really pissed off to have an exciting death. My reaction would not only be "OH GOD OH GOD," but also "So, this is how it will end. This would make for a good story." And then I'll be pissed off because I won't be able to write about it later. Something truly amazing happens to me, and I'm too dead to do anything about it. How obnoxious!

Augh! The very idea of it is making me angry.

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