Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just wasted my entire day on this website.


It went from 11:06 AM to 4:35 PM pretty fast.

I think I had something I needed to do, but I've completely forgotten about any responsibilities I might have. I think... I think I needed to fill out and mail some... forms...

I spent Saturday with my friends celebrating this occurrence. We went to the Seattle Science Center. Or Pacific Science Center. Anywho, there is a dinosaur exhibit, and I smushed a penny and imprinted the design of a stegosaurus onto it. I also bought a formerly-known-as-the-brontosaurus (apatosaurus) plushie, while my friends bought things like plush puppies and plush kittens and spinney balls. (I am a proud geek.) Also, my Apato's name is Jack. I think it is fitting. We also got some stickers in the shape of things like planets, celestial bodies, and spacecraft. We got to see Lucy, which was actually rather boring for the amount we paid. An exciting part was finding out that Rae can throw a ball 55mph. (My max was something like 27 or 32mph.) No butterflies landed on us, and the Queen Bee has eluded us once again. We got to touch a sheep brain. They are remarkably heavy for their size.

It didn't rain, and everything was grossly overpriced. But we had wicked fun.

(Last year, we went to an art museum for my birthday. I personally believe that one should live a life of constant learning, so I try to catch up annually.)

I am excited for Sunday, because Animal Crossing: City Folk comes out. I always do this. A couple weeks before an Animal Crossing game comes out, I become over excited and spend my life trying to figure out all the little details of the game before it is released. I have wonderful memories of eleven-year-old Kelly using her (extremely) limited Japanese skills to read an article about Animal Crossing for the N64. (This was before the GameCube.) I think I dedicated my entire summer that year to Animal Crossing.

I still play Animal Crossing for the GC. Even though it has been about five years. It is not my original town (I deleted the original in a furious fit). I also lost my copy of Wild World over a summer vacation (along with all of my other DS games.) So I am so stoked for this new game to come out, because I want to not only play it, but treasure it and not fucking lose it like all the other games. I lose memories when I lose those games! I hope I get Tabby in my town again. Or Kabuki, he's pretty boss. Agent S is confirmed, I need her in my town. And Pudge. But only if he's gay, I really enjoy gay Pudge.

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