Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bubblegum Bomb

Oh my God I have nothing to say. Today was so nothing.

I woke up kinda late. We're out of cereal, so I ate the last bagel. Jessie and I made it to school on time. I read H.P. Lovecraft all during Photography. We took a walk during history. I'm casted in the play we're reading in Dramatic Lit. I had pizza for lunch. Senior Social Studies was astoundingly boring. I made the whole class wait for me to finish my work in Japanese (I never finished. So Sean and Louis had a free day). I caught That Kid Who Wears the Same--NO WAIT THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT SO I AM SHARING.

I don't know if you remember That Kid Who Wears the Same Thing Everyday, but I certainly do since I see him now two to three times in the hallway daily. He's always wearing the same damn thing, and it makes me angry. His outfit has gotten classier from last year, but he stills wears the one thing all the time. I would punch him if he wasn't about a foot taller than me.

Anywho, I keep catching him looking at me in the hallways. And it freaks me right the fuck out. I don't want those unwashed eyes peering in my direction. It goes like this: I sweept the hallways for a face I might now. I see that stupid bright-green hat of his sticking out above everyone, and then his face awkwardly jerks away. I've seen RaeLynn make that exact same motion when Cody B or Ryan F would glance in her direction. And she practically made love shrines to them.

So the plan is to ignore this kid completely, and maybe he'll go away like a bad headache.

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