Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ahh! We cut that bit with the dancing walls from the play. I am rejoicing.

So I've had Turn Back, O Man stuck in my head ever since I left the stage. It's my second favorite song in the play. My first being that one whose name I don't know... But I call it the Puppet Master song, because of the way they dance. Anywho, these songs wouldn't be so horrible to have in my head if I just knew the lyrics. You see, I can't understand a single word they sing for most of the songs. So I'm all walking around, trying to sing it, and I fall flat after four words. It's so... uncomfortable.

Turkey day tomorrow! The grandparents dined with us tonight at a lovely bistro. Tomorrow, we dine at home! They were excited to meet our cats, and grandma brought me a turkey plush that gobbles when you squeeze it. We gossiped about relatives, ate way too sweet cookies, and they left eventually.

I missed my show, so I'm a bit sour about the experience.

Bed now! I've been wanting to sleep before 10 all week, but with no luck.

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