Friday, November 28, 2008

The Caviar Cavalier

So after painting the drinking room a color that is slightly less white and slightly more yellow, we bought more plants to place inside there. We had the get rid of the plants originally there, as Kelly identified them to be the world's second most deadly plant. Our house was crawling with these toxic plants, and we have cats that are likely to chew on them. And this was the sort of plant that all you needed to do was chew on it to die of suffocation (but if you swallowed, you'd go septic and then have kidney failure if you lived long enough). So now we have more plants that are completely unidentified, and could be deadly, but they are there with their dirt and pots nonetheless.

The problem here is that our cats are obsessed with the dirt inside these pots.

So everyday for the past three days, we have been finding piles of dirt surrounding these plants. At first, it was just a light spattering of dirt. But as the days went on, the piles became larger. I just cleaned up a pile of dirt that could have been used to start a little seedling. And the plants gradually have less and less dirt, and deeper and deeper holes bored into them. So my mother and I placed aluminum foil around the plants, covering the dirt, hoping the crinkling and weird textures would deter the cats until we could make it to the store to buy rocks to place over the dirt.

Also: The family came and left for Thanksgiving. I ate lots, and am still full. (I am actually pretty empty, but I am feeling nauseous, so if anyone asks tell them I am full.) We watched Wall-E, and then Kung Fu Panda. We also watched the Seahawks lose the game (which is sad, since they are my team. We suck.) and watched the cats play. I was given a lot of advice as a young adult about to enter into university, a lot of which I wish I could forget.

... What kind of advice is that?! "Listen up. My dad didn't want me moving so far away for school. So you know what I did? I got a 45-year-old boyfriend. I was outta there!"

No no no! I will stick to boys my age that I love.
That is the sort of advice I should be hearing.

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