Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Optigonally Yours

Today I finalized the frames I'll be getting for my glasses. They are nothing like the ones I was looking at earlier. They are the opposite of round; they are so square they have 90-degree angle corners. Okay, I'm exaggerating the corners, but only a little bit which is the freaky part. Amber had me try on a pair in that style, and everything just looked balanced. Though, I hate how glaringly obvious glasses look on my face. And I hate how I've yet to find a pair that improve my already glorious looks. And they don't make me look smarter, they just bring out the geek in me.

Augh! I look like a dweeb in glasses.

But then there's this little motto of mine: I love how I don't have to look at me all the time. I'll wear my glasses when I'm not near mirrors, and am instead near books, and will bask in the comfort and clarity they bring to my eyes.

(I am being so over-dramatic about wearing glasses. They'd be totally optional if I didn't read so very much and do so much artwork. I shouldn't fuss so much.)

Then after picking out frames, we went to the video game store right next door. I love the locations of those two stores, since you know avid gamers are prone to eye problems from ogling back-lit screens. Just like that sex toy shop that's right next to a mattress store. It works. I started to gather together the two items I wanted to buy, when I noticed my lack of wallet. I had forgotten it at home. Which was tragic, because I so very much wanted that Zelda GBA game.

Oh! Okayso. I must have been in a coma during the entire GBA period of gaming, because I have no knowledge of GBA games. I've only ever owned one, and it was Hamtaro. So I'm looking at all their used GBA games and freaking out because I never knew these games existed. Home Alone?! Harry Potter?! Pokemon?! ZELDA?! HOW DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS?! And my brother's GBA library was full of war-strategy games, which I dislike. So it's like... where was I?

Augh. I feel the need to re-live portable gaming. I simply must!

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