Thursday, November 6, 2008

Optical Correction

According to my Blogger Dashboard, this is my 100th post! But according to you, it is not.

(Sorry for not posting often this week.)

So my pupils are totally dilated right now. It really isn't so bad, actually, my right eye only looks dilated and I can see just fine. But my left eye! Oh boy, it's still huge and blurry. I keep covering up my left eye so I can look at things. I feel like a pirate. Yarr! It's super obnoxious, to be blunt. I wish it would just stop.

My eyes are dilated because I went to the eye doctor's. As it turns out, I am a little bit far sighted. It's only minute, but it's enough that I noticed and went to have it checked out. So I'll be getting glasses. They won't be for full time, though, they'll only be reading glasses. I picked out a couple frames that I liked, but I kind of want to drag a friend over to the eye place and have them tell me what they think. I actually look pretty good in emo glasses, but I worry I might look pretentious. I also found a pair that are the sort of glasses a blond male doctor in a shojo manga might wear that look pretty good on me. But then I worry they're too masculine, as I tend towards the masculine side of fashion. (I have enough trouble with looking like a boy when my hair is pulled back and my bangs hidden!) And those are the only two frames in existence that look okay on me, I swear to God. I don't look good in glasses. I need a second opinion.

At least they're only reading glasses. I don't have to make a life-changing decision.

So! My birthday is tomorrow. I am excited, since I will be turning 18. I'd be happier, but everyone I know is currently severely depressed. Two of my friends broke down in hysterics today in school. I'm expecting more drama tomorrow, as well. The stress of my friends' problems combined with my own has left me with a lingering nausea, and if it weren't for the fact that I detest crying in front of people I might have bawled along with them. But that would have involved offloading my problems, and today was a day to focus on them. We can talk about what ails Kelly at a later date, perhaps when everyone else is feeling cheery.

Then! Then THEY'LL know how it feels to have a glorious sunny day ruined by someone else's raincloud! Ha-HAH! (I am so sick of being happy when everyone else is sad. Cheer up, emo friends.)

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