Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Faster in a Fast World

So the grandparents are coming over! They shall be here tomorrow. And the cousins will soon follow after! They shall be here Thursday, but whether or not they'll be in time for dinner is a mystery. And then other adults I do not know will show up! All on Thursday.

We're having a turkey-day bash, I guess. It's been a while since we've had turkey with the family.

So many people entering the house means that we need to clean up the house. Having the grandparents come over means we need to sterilize the house. SO WE HAVE BEEN CLEANING. I've cleaned my room up some, but it is still messy by most people's standards. But then, what is it for Kelly standards? It is sparkling. I can see my floor, and lie down on it, and walk across it in the dark at night. I also do not break things anymore when I move about. It is nice to own unbroken things.

Tech rehearsal for the play was today! I had thought that it was an hour later than it actually was, so I went home to prepare food. I had this large bowl of steaming noodles, as well as a nice mug of steaming tea, when I received a call and found myself going 60 on a 45mph road. I came home later and the food was cold and bitter.

Tech rehearsal was stressful for me! I don't even know why. I think it's the blasted moving walls that get to me. Moving them forward and back at random intervals is no problem, I can even deal with the hot dog cart trying to take out all the actors as it swivels dangerously about, but when I have to dance with those walls...! Clough shouts "No, Kelly! You have it backwards!" Emily shouts "No, Kelly, you need to go faster!" "Jessie shouts "FUUUCK KELLY YOU KINDA HIT MY FOOT NOT REALLY!" because Jessie speaks in all caps and is an offensive and foul-mouthed person. (She is a good friend of mine.)

My problems with the walls went as such:
- They weight more than me. They weigh more than me. You have to understand that I am moving my legs at full speed, but my feet are slipping and not gaining any traction. So pardon me while I ice skate on my side of the stage. I can go no faster! You must slow down!
- STOP CHANGING THE CHOREOGRAPHY and maybe I won't do it backwards!
- Fuck you guys for being in my way. I am blindly moving a wall forward, and I need to not hit the band or the actors, meaning I must move an awkward diagonal. You try driving a car with a blindfold on, and then take a tight corner. And then when you finish turning, drive sideways and do it again! ON YOUR SIDE! YOU MAY NOT GO FORWARD! TURN FUCKING NOW. YOU HIT GRANDMA AND HER GUITAR!

Augh. I'm okay with Clough telling me what's wrong with what I'm doing, but not the other techie. She has it super easy with her wall, only needing to go straight forward. And she weighs more than me. She has no problem moving the stupid wall in intricate circles.

But Clough dislikes the effect of the dancing walls. So he may cut it. Which will be grand.

I made pumpkin pie today! I am not so great at making pie crusts (especially not this crumbly whole-wheat kind. I'll stick to the normal stuff, thanks). But I am good at the filling part. They are in the oven now, and I will be asleep when they finish cooking. Custard pies take a long time to cook.

Gee, I would like to avoid school tomorrow. But I have tech rehearsal again, and this time it will be going on super long. We need to practice that magic trick with Jesus. And I tend to give a lot of rides home, so I won't be back until and hour after it ends. Which makes me sad.

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