Thursday, September 4, 2008

Distilled Tanning Lotion

So yesterday was the first day of school. I don't care much for school. This year, my locker is in an inconvenient place (despite what I requested), I managed to get the lunch that does not have all of my friends, and most of my teachers ramble on instead of assign activities. I'm very bored already. But there are a few positive things! I got a few teachers this year that simply don't assign that much homework. I have friends in two of my classes this year (If you don't count Japanese, I haven't had a friend in one of my classes since 8th grade), and I'm automatically the coolest kid in my 6th period because I can drive.

In my third period, there is this kid that makes me angry. He doesn't know me, and I'm too lazy to listen to attendance to find out his name. I simply know him as That Kid Who Wears the Same Thing Everyday. I used to walk by him in the hallway everyday (our hallways run like clockwork, I swear), and he'd always wear the same damn thing. So I'm giving him a grace period of two weeks to get to changing his outfit daily before I start giving him death glares every day in class.

I am so serious on this. Death glares.

So today, while I was driving home from school, I realized how badly I needed to go to the bathroom. Really really badly. So naturally, I hit every traffic light, two people jumped out in front of my car, an ambulance drove by, a couple crazy drivers cut me off, and I got stuck behind a school bus. I also got stuck behind this guy trying to drive while his girlfriend tried her hardest to make-out with him (Scary as Hell, he was all over the road). On a normal day, not even one of those things will happen. So I'd say the ride home was pretty eventful. AND SO STRESSFUL OH MY GOD.

My new birth control pills are giving me PMS every day. I'm gonna go cry about it and then eat a tub of chocolate ice cream.

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