Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is my (second) 77th post. How lucky I am that I get to celebrate twice. How unfortunate that I still have nothing prepared. But whatever.

The tryouts for the school play are tomorrow and Thursday. I am quite excited, though I'm a bit nervous to sing. I love to sing, but like most people, I'm very shy about it. So I wonder if I have a good voice that he'll approve of. Also, I wonder if I can even sing loud enough. Jessie and I are planning to sing songs from Dr. Horrible. I've yet to decide if that makes us lame for doing the same thing, or awesome for doing Dr. Horrible.

Command decision: We are awesome.

So I need a new computer mouse. It's been freaking out on me fairly frequently. I'll try to do something like push it upwards, and the cursor jumps all over the screen. There is hair and gunk in places I can not get to to clean, and it's starting to gross me out. My keyboard is even more disgusting. But I refuse to replace either of them while they still mostly work. If only because I can't find any computer components in the right color. Why is everything black nowadays? I want that off-white color that was dominant about ten years ago. That's where it's at. Off-white. Not black.

Maybe I'll take a weekend off to dismantle my mouse and keyboard, and clean them well.

Auuurgh, I have a song stuck in my head.
And it's a large chunk. So it's like I'm tricking myself into thinking it's the complete thing, and then it repeats. Repeat repeat repeat. But I've found a random cure for when a song gets stuck in your head. It can either help get it off your mind, or get it stuck further, so... yeah. Writing down the lyrics to the song (or all that you can remember) seems to help you move on to other things. But on the other hand, writing down the lyrics may just help you remember them more accurately and for a longer period of time. Who knows.

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