Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bon Bon Bon

So I ran off yesterday to go see Batman in Imax. After missing the ferry (which was pretty obvious we wouldn't make in the first place), we waited around in the rain at the ferry terminal for the next one to arrive. After being soaked to the bone, we ate icecream because we obviously weren't cold enough.

We walked the hours or so in the rain to the theater, only to have them sell out of tickets just as we get there. It was upsetting. After finally getting back to our home town a couple hours later, we decided we still very much wanted to see a movie, and drove around for another few hours trying to find a theater playing Ghost Town. Of course, it has not come to a theater near us.

I am getting a craving to go see the Seattle Science Center. It's been a long time since I've gone there during the day just for the exhibits. The last few times I've gone, it was for an overnight stay for Girl Scouts. They close some of the exhibits during an event like that, and I want to go and see everything. I want to sit at the giant table, watch the balls drop, play virtual reality basketball, walk amongst butterflies, and pet the starfish. I wonder if they still have that little space shuttle thing? I wanna sit inside there again, too. MAN, I WANT TO GO TO THE SCIENCE CENTER.

Boy, am I hungry. I wonder if I would get in trouble for sneaking downstairs for a snack?

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