Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am a little bit excited because I do not have school tomorrow. I plan to sleep, and then wake up, and then eat. I want to knit. I want to sync up my iPod. I want to read a comic book. I want to watch a bit of daytime television. I want to watch StarWars episode three.

Oh my God, I dislike StarWars. I pretty much hate it. Why is such a boring movie series so popular? In Dramatic Literature, we have to write and perform a short play. I decided to team up with Jessie, what with her being my closest friend in that class. She waved over a couple of her friends, and they were all "You thinking what I'm thinking? StarWars Episode Three as a Greek tragedy."

(When she turned around and said to me "The end of episode three," I assumed she meant Dr. Horrible. If I had known what she really meant, I wouldn't have smiled and nodded so enthusiastically. I'd have sighed, grunted, and maybe thrown up a little in my mouth.)

At least she gave me a part I can have fun with. I'm that evil guy in the black cloak that brings Anakin to the dark side. I get to laugh evilly, and Brent (Brad? Bret? Benny?) holds a lightsaber up to my throat. And I get to coach Benny (Brian? Brit? Bartholomew?) on how to scream like he's on fire while yelling the words "I HATE YOU." I am good at loud dramatic voices.

I wish to turn this play into a Satyr, instead of a tragedy. I want Anakin to be all gay for.. uh... My character, whatever his name is. I want Uh... Mark's character to actually swordfight Anakin on stage, climb some steps, and be all "I have a plus four height advantage!" And when Jessie's character dies, I want her to say "I'm dead," and have Mr. B-Name shout "No! You can't be! That's impossible!" as a sort of foreshadowing for what his son will say to him.

Oh my God I still really hate StarWars. The only characters I remember are Luke, Yoda, Vader, and Anakin. And two of those people are the same. (I'm lucky I even know that.)

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