Sunday, September 14, 2008


So I took the ACT yesterday. Are you supposed to not have enough time to finish the test? I kept finding myself filling in the last bubble as the timer went off. Also, I sneezed during the math portion. And somebody actually said "Bless you."

I sneeze in class a lot. Not enough for kids to notice and comment on it, but definitely more than... Well, everyone but Ellie. And every time I sneeze, it's like some sort of social experiment. Who's going to bless me this time? How many kids will open their mouths? Will somebody make a joke of it and say "Bless you, my child" this time? I noticed more kids bless me during a test than during a lecture. More kids bless me during an English class than during a Math class, unless there is a semester final going on.

Some kids will hand me hand sanitizer after I sneeze. I never know if I should be offended or not, but really I'm just interested in the fact that somebody caught me sneezing into my hand, and not my sleeve. Now I carry around hand sanitizer for myself. Because I only recently realized how disgusting the school is.

Oh man, I just sneezed just now.

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