Friday, September 5, 2008


School school school school school. I am so sick of school. I love to learn, but I hate school. It isn't the people I hate--I'm not emo like that--It's the monotony. I do the same thing every day for most of a year. Things get shaken up a bit every so often, but it's always shaken up the same way. Even the fun things aren't fun anymore. They're just predictable.

Not to mention my classes just suck. Why do they suck so bad? What did I do to deserve this?

I am going to die of sheer boredom in my Practical Writing and Composition class. I took it because it gives me an occupational credit as well as an English credit. Those are what I need more of. Twice a week, this English class goes into the computer lab. I guess you learn basic computer skills in this portion of class, because today, we learned how to make new folders, make a Word Document, and save that document in a folder. If I had known it would be this simple, I would have brought homework to do during class. Now I'm worried the classroom portion of this class will be just as simple. If so, I'll have to talk to my counselor about switching out. Even if it means I lose a class with friends, and That Kid Who Wears the Same Thing Everyday will need to find somebody else to give him evil glares.

I have a piece of yellow paper, and I need my parents to sign it. When they do, it means I am allowed to arrive late to school every day, skipping my first period. When this happens, school will start around 9am again, just like in elementary school. Except, I can drive myself, so I don't have to wake up at five every morning. I can instead wake up at say, eight. Or still get up at six, and make myself breakfast, stop by the store to buy lunch, maybe even take a shower. It will be grand.

There is this weird thing going on with my lunch schedule and my Japanese class. You see, Sensei teaches his fourth and fifth year students in the same period. The class is 4th period, and is during second lunch. But Sensei wants his fifth year students to get more personalized attention, to prepare us for the AP exam. So he has us fifth year students come in during first lunch, and eat during second lunch. I originally had first lunch, so for a day I got to eat sooner. Then for the past two days, I eat a little later. Today, Sensei told us that apparently, it is illegal for him to teach during his lunch break. So he has to go back to teaching both classes at the same time. So he wants to switch my class to sixth period, which is supposed to be his planning period. If he does this, I will have to take History during some other period in the day, and my schedule gets thrown around, along with my lunch time.

A quick talk with my counselor told me that I am able to switch my classes around to accommodate a sixth period Japanese class. So I have no worries.

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