Friday, September 12, 2008


Oh, how successfully obnoxious. I woke up this morning because I was rubbing my eye in my sleep. It felt like there was a bruise growing on my eye lid. After looking in the mirror, I see what I think to be a little bit of swelling going on. It's super sensitive to the touch, and even blinking makes it hurt. I decided it wasn't a big deal, and was hardly noticeable. So I went on with my day, feeling a bit like I got stung by a bee in Animal Crossing.

The pain persisted, and after dinner today I checked it out on WebMD. It's the first time I've ever used WebMD in my life, and it's so much more convenient than just Googling my symptoms. But really, I'm just surprised this eye lid pain is an actual thing that people get. I mean, I'm always contracting weird, small, angrily painful spots on my body. Some chronic, some that go away after a day or two. But even WebMD says those pains don't exist.

So anyways, it's a thing that happens sometimes, and there was only one symptom with one diagnosis. I'm impressed. And now I know that there is a motherfucking stye growing in my eye lid, and it will start to leak after it keeps growing over the next couple days. I want to punch somebody. It's like a pimple growing on the edge of my eye lid, but more painful, obnoxious, and it's acting like kind of a dick. Seriously, it's caused by oil blockage in my eyelash follicle. That's what causes acne. Oil blockage.

Really I'm just mad because I'm worried it will scar. My eyes are so pretty. And this stupid thing is growing growing right next to an adorable freckle on my eye lid. Somebody is going to die if it leaves a mark.

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