Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh man I can be so impatient why don't I just think things through?

I'm all "Dad, I am starving."
Dad goes "Okay, I will go out and get food."
As soon as dad leaves I go "Okay, I will make myself a peanut butter sandwich."

I'm not even done with the sandwich and he is back with food. Speedy much?

But this story ends with me eating way too much and now I am uncomfortable.

I went to school and Sensei told us that Japanese is being moved to 6th period now, and we must go to the counselor's office en mass. After spending a good 30 minutes in there, half of the kids in the class just drop the subject, and the other half change their schedules around slightly. Of course, I rearrange most of my schedule, since I have weird classes. It took a long time to put the puzzle that is my schedule together.
The entire time I was meeting with my counselor, I could hear RaeLynn's angry voice going "Man, Kelly, better be taking Psychology 4th period or I'm gonna be pissed." What with everyone taking Psychology for 4th now, she was thinking we'd all still at least be able to be in the same class. But I was never, ever planning to take psychology, and my 6th period class was badly needed. So I needed to move 6th to 4th, and whatnot. I have to wonder were she got the idea I would be able to join her in any other classes. Especially since I've never mentioned such a thing.

That was my stress for today. My stress for tomorrow is that I suddenly have PE this semester, and I need to go now and scrounge together a PE uniform.

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