Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So today just wasn't that great of a day. I came home terribly upset and angry at a friend of mine that I had trouble communicating with. After stomping around the house a bunch, I decided to watch a bit of TV while waiting for the internet to wake up. After just one episode, I found myself feeling quite depressed, and went back up to my room to sulk.

Of course, as soon as I see that Griffin is online I'm overjoyed.

Because dad's away, my mother wanted to go out to eat tonight. After driving around for a while and pestering me with questions about where I wanted to go (She always pesters me when I'm upset), we finally went to a restaurant that was just too noisy. I ordered their root beer, which they brew right there in the building, only to find it has a terribly disgusting mildew aftertaste. The food I ordered was also quite unpleasant, and I really only ate a couple bites. After complaining about my drink, they replaced my root beer with a ginger ale. It wasn't very long before I remembered ginger ale is disgusting. Our waitress left us waiting for twenty minutes when we wanted to pay the check. It created an awkward situation when she caught us up at the front trying to pay... I really hope we don't go there again any time soon.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I turned in my form for a late arrival, but I don't know if it's all the paperwork that I need. But tomorrow, I skip first period. And if I get a detention, I guess that will mean I missed some form somewhere.

I feel like there's something else really big going on in my life that I'm forgetting about. I hope it'll come to me soon.

EDIT: Sudden update. I had two voicemails, wtf? One I was told was there, but the other is hilariously creepy. But I can't identity their voice. Definitely a male (Judging by the Ju-On croaking noises, heavy breathing, and taste in humor), and they whispered something at the end. But it's totally incomprehensible. My best guess is that my friend's brother got ahold of her cell phone, since it says the only person to call me today was her. It's a shame that Kelly = Terrible at recognizing voices on the phone.

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